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BOOT Party's Leadership Elevation and Adjustment Programme. Creating Tomorrow's Leaders Today.

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LEAP Stages

1. Adjustment (Blue) Level

Tools to align leaders’ mindset to shared responsibilities of leaders and the people. In addition, BOOT Party values will be reinforced at this stage including being aware and interested in other people’s need and reaching out.

2. Negotiate (Bronze) Level

Tools to prepare leaders to respond to the needs of the people. Negotiating and gaining meaning, internal validation, self-worth and self-awareness, hone individual strengths and delivery of good governance through collaboration.

3. Collaborate (Silver) Level

Emphasis on collaboration and recognition that everyone has a point of view. Why compete when we can collaborate?

4. Innovate (Gold) Level

Common good of the nation. Focus on sustainable solutions to societal problems and transforming old beliefs and norms.

5. Elevate (Diamond) Level

Expanding all perspectives and creating national policies for growth of future generations.