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About Us

Who We Are?

The BOOT Party is a new Political Leadership System, with breath of fresh air, vision and determination to redeem the NIGERIAN DREAMS. We Are The Hope of Nigeria.

What We Are?

BOOT: Because Of Our Tomorrow. Our motto is Fiduciary, Obedience and Service. Why do we compete when we can collaborate? When we collaborate, we acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of ourselves and that of others thereby working together for a common good. Only when we collaborate that we are 'Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress' and Nigeria. Together, we will bring back the Nigerian Dreams.

What We will Do?

The object of BOOT: Because Of Our Tomorrow is to promote the aims of BOOT as stated in its Constitution: a) To create a new political platform driven by Technology and People (TAP) that will promote leaders with zeal to serve the people, in trust and obedience to the nation and service to mankind, irrespective of their tribe, creed or financial capabilities. b) To develop solidarity of friendship among all Nigerian national entities and implement nationwide policies and One Working Nigeria (OWN) agenda to reposition Nigeria for greatness and for the black race. c) To that end to win elections at all levels of government to be able to deliver our One Working Nigeria agenda.

Where To Find Us?

Our Plans for Nigeria, One Working Nigeria (OWN) It is a Promise, We Will Break the Corruption Chain in Our Fight Against Corruption. We Will Restructure Our National Processes Through National Discuss. Investment in Power Sector and Job Creation Through Renewable Energy. Revitalising and Creating an Economy That Works for Everyone. Youth Engagement Through Sports, Technology Incubation Centres & Creativity. Education System That Underpins Our Growth. National Health Care for Everyone Education System That Underpins Our Growth. National Health Care for Everyone Download our Manifesto.