POLITE NOTICE: The BOOT party is a Volunteer-led Organisation (Article 5.3) without funding from INEC or Government. All of our officials from the National to the State, LGA, Ward and Polling Units are NOT Paid for what they are doing for the development of the Party and Nigeria. They spend their personal money for everything they do, please DO NOT ASK OR PRESS THEM FOR MONEY OR GRATIFICATION. Thank you.

About Us

Our Philosophy

What are BOOT Party values?

Please download our Constitution here BOOT Constitution
Central to our movement are three values for a progressive and fair nation in the modern world. Our members and the leaders we produce will stand by these values:
Fiduciary: integrity and trust to our members and to our country. To achieve this, we will create a fair economy that reduces poverty and create riches.
Obedience: we want to live in obedience to our country and respect to our fellow citizens where our differences are celebrated and respected.
Service: we want our values to influence our national politics through service to the nation.
These values will form the bedrock of our political system.

What is One Working Nigeria (OWN) Agenda?

One Working Nigeria agenda is our overall blueprint of all the policies that will accelerate economic and infrastructure development among other national discuss and benefits. These policies and the One Working Agenda are underpinned by our values.

What is the difference between our values and policies?

Our values underpin our policies. Our values are a set of fundamental beliefs which define what we stand for. Our leaders and members will take our policies, which are our key actions, in order to help achieve those values. All political leaders elected under BOOT platform will act in accordance with our values and implement our policies.