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The BOOT Party Policy Development Forum

Forgiving Our Past as a Nation

There is no perfect people, country or nation but we have to keep working to be perfect. Yes, the past is history but we can learn from it to avoid ma...

Fight Against Corruption

Our fight against corruption will be both detecting and preventing corruption with emphasis on the latter. We will be using technology to transform th...

Power Infrastructure

The world is going green and as a responsible global country, we will be investing in solar home systems (SHS) for each homes in Nigeria. Our g...


University education will remain free. Within our term of government, we will ensure that all mono, polytechnics, and colleges of education are statut...

Creating More Nigerian Billionaires

Emerging billionaires will be supported by our government and new billionaires will be created through our policies.

* Leather manufacturing i...

About The BOOT Party

The BOOT Party is a new political platform driven by Technology and People (TAP) to promote leaders with zeal to serve Nigerians; in trust and obedience to our nation and service to Nigeria and humanity, irrespective of their nationality, creed or financial capabilities.

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