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The BOOT Party Policy Development Forum

Transportation: Air

Our government will increase aviation infrastructure and safety across the country.

We will consult with aviation stakeholders and gauge the pr...

Transportation: Maritime & Inland Waterways

As part of our REAP policy and One Working Nigeria (OWN) agenda we will create additional seaports across our coastal line. This policy will increase ...

Investment in Agriculture

The objective of our agriculture and food security policy is to return our nation as an agricultural giant and for national economic development to fe...

Equality, Governance & Politics

Because of our future, we have to change the way we address ourselves; the way we approach governance and the ways of our politics.

We will en...

Government Impact on the Grassroots

If not achieved during the current government, we will through executive order, from 29 May 2019 ensure that all local government authority monies exc...

About The BOOT Party

The BOOT Party is a new political platform driven by Technology and People (TAP) to promote leaders with zeal to serve Nigerians; in trust and obedience to our nation and service to Nigeria and humanity, irrespective of their nationality, creed or financial capabilities.

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