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Why Join BOOT Party

Why you should join BOOT Party

Are you tempted to join BOOT Party, but you have a few questions first? Read on to discover what it means to be a BOOT Party member.

Am I eligible to join?

If you are over 16, not a member of another political party, and you are a Nigerian, then you can join us.

How much does it cost?

Membership starts at =N=2,000.00 a year, but the BOOT Party hopes that you might consider donating a little more. You may consider donating to BOOT Party, through BOOT Party Donate page.

What will my donation be used for?

Your donation will go a long way to help the BOOT Party, every donation will help. We are running a lean budget and we seek your help to volunteer your service too. As part of our transparent policy, all income and expenditure will be reported on the Finance/Donate section of our mobile app and website.

Our manifesto is clearly geared for good governance. All Nigerians irrespective of social status will benefit from the work of the BOOT Party. No one is left behind. We shall be working for ourselves and not allow people to claim they are working for us. Be Involved!

Until now, funding for the activities of BOOT Party has been restrictively by the visionary early bird members. Beyond money, these compatriots have committed their time to this Project and left many behind to see to the fruition of this mission.

The fund we are seeking will be used to defray costs including:

1. IT development/infrastructure cost;

2. Assets purchase;

3. Adverts;

4. Party logistics

5. Personnel wages; and

6. National Convention, BOOT Party Open Days.

7. Preparation for the upcoming Wards, Local Governments, States and National Elections.

Most of the funds are needed now as we keep spending every day and our current members are financing this cost.

We would like you to volunteer to serve in our committees to help this movement.

What happens after I join?

Join our activities and please volunteer. If you sign up, you will also become a BOOT Party member.
You can get involved in everything from policy making to campaigning to social events right away. Join BOOT Party Leadership Structure