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Updated on : Monday, 01 June, 2020
Released on: Monday, 01 June, 2020

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A. Background:

The Board of Trustees and the Executive Leadership of the BOOT Party have identified the yearnings and aspirations of the leaders and members to expedite the process of completing the Ward Leadership Structure. The BOOT Party Leadership Structure Policy Ward Leadership Structure (WLS) has a well-defined process for establishing BOOT Party Ward for members who wants to join the BOOT Party leadership structure. This leadership on-boarding policy as espoused in the Constitution is to ensure that leaders of the BOOT Party meet the criteria that are aligned with the Values of the Party.

However, and in consideration of the need to meet and address the growing request by Party leaders and members for speedy completion of the BOOT Party Ward Creation to enable participation in the current political process, the Board of Trustees and the Leadership, under the Power granted them in the Party Constitution, enacted the following criteria as the basis for approval of Full Ward Status identified in this Order.

The BOOT Party Leadership Structure Policy - Ward Leadership Structure (WLS) contains the policy, standard and guidelines for Ward Creation. This order ONLY applies to section 6.1.5 of the BOOT Party Leadership Structure Policy - Ward Leadership Structure (WLS) as follows:

5. A Ward in formation with AWS status can only gain Full Ward Status after fulfilling the following requirements:

i. Must have at least five (5) registered members whom have had their membership confirmed in the BOOT Party members' national database.
ii. Minutes of at least 1 Ward meeting.

Attendance at Meeeting

Supporters who have registered on the BOOT Party website may be allowed to attend BOOT Party activities including Ward meetings on the invitation of the Ward executives.

B. Close

This Order relates specifically ONLY to the specific sections of the BOOT Party Leadership Structure Policy - Ward Leadership Structure (WLS) mentioned. - Link

This Order shall be renewed quarterly and shall cease to be operative whenever it is withdrawn by the Board of Trustees and the Leadership of BOOT Party. After the withdrawal of this Order, the concessions herein granted shall no longer be applicable and the regular Policy and Guidelines of the Party relating to membership, Ward Creation, Elections, etc. shall immediately revert and become immediately operative.

Office of the BOOT Party National Chairman

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