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Updated on : Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
Released on: Tuesday, 13 October, 2020

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We of the BOOT Party strongly and vehemently condemn all forms of malpractices and brutality by taxpayers-funded law enforcement agencies ranging from the Police, Immigration, Customs, EFCC, NDLEA, Prisons, Armed Forces, Civil Defence and all other pseudo, paramilitary or other contraptions such as the infamous Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Inspector General Squads and other similar establishments. The most notorious, egregious and reprehensible of these is the Police SARS which has drawn the public ire in the last couple of days.

Many and varied solutions have been proffered by various individuals and groups to address this patently disturbing trends. We observed that most of these proposals do not go far enough to address the root causes of all these problems. BOOT Party has conducted its study and has arrived at the proposal below to address these problems in perpetuity.

First and foremost, and as the government has rightly acted, SARS should and has been proscribed. We know that, government officials have only proscribed this organization in name only. In due course and within the next couple of days, another similar team would be set up by the Police top hierarchy because corruption and brutality is in the DNA of the Police hierarchy.

BOOT Party recommends the following decisive, less complex and cost-effective measure that can be implemented within the next 30 to 60 days:

1. A national online database of all complaints accessible to the public should be created and managed by an independent body setup by the government. This online database can be implemented at a cost of 10 million Naira and yearly maintenance of 500 Thousand Naira.

2. Set up a 20-member all Civilian Complaint Review Board with members tasked with investigating malpractices, misconduct, brutality or lesser abuse accusations against Law enforcement agents, including use of excessive force, abuse of authority, discourtesy and offensive language. Complaints against officers may be filed online, by mail or by phone. BOOT Party has conducted a study and established that the estimated cost of setting up and running a Board such as this is N30 million per annum. This estimate includes the cost of paying 20 members a stipend of 1 million Naira per annum and overhead cost of 10 million Naira including cost of computers, Internet access and virtual office.

3. Nigeria had Failed Bank Tribunals; Election Tribunals; etc. The government should immediately establish a Law Enforcement Misconduct and Malpractices Tribunal (with the same jurisdictional authority as the Code of Conduct Tribunal) that shall investigate cases referred to it by the Civilian Complaint Review Board. The Tribunal shall have a mandate to complete and decide on all cases within a period of 6 months.

4. All members of existing and future Task Forces or Special Squad to be setup (Military, Police, EFCC, Custom, Immigration and all Paramilitary and other pseudo law enforcement agencies) should be subjected to in-dept background checks, interviews and approval by an independent body to be setup by government.

BOOT Party leadership is willing and able to discuss, collaborate with, and present the blueprint and the overall strategy for the execution of this proposal to any organs of government that we consider as being serious at confronting and addressing these problems head-on.

To the teeming Nigerian populace and the Youths in particular, BOOT Party urges you to get involved, put your fate and future in your hands (and not the hands of the merciless and selfish politicians) and join BOOT Party on

BOOT means Because Of Our Tomorrow. BOOT Party is a totally new concept in politicking in Nigeria and by extension, Africa. It is a people, policies, procedures, grassroots and technology driven contraption. The entire BOOT Party processes including fraud-proof digitised primary elections process; largely computerised, secured and cost-effective Party administration; 100% women participation in the Party Leadership and Programmes from the comfort of their homes. It is organised like a Co-Operative Society. It is referred to as a Co-Operative-like political Party where all members have equal opportunities to contribute and grow with no "godfatherism" or money-bag influence. It is a party where you can become anything you aspire to. Our mantra is: NOT TOO POOR TO RUN. As a result, the Party's structure is designed as Bottom-Up which implies that the foundation is the Wards.


We are BOOT Party - we encourage you to get involved Because Of Our Tomorrow.

Thank you and God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Sonny Adenuga @SonnyAdenuga
BOOT Party National Chairman
BOOT Party! @TheBOOTParty
Because Of Our Tomorrow
The BOOT Party is a cooperative-like political leadership system.

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