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The BOOT Party 2023 General Elections Presidential and other Candidates

#NigeriaDecides2023: Vote Sunday Adenuga and Usman Mustapha NOT Just For President But For One Working Nigeria

Meet Sonny, Usman and Others

From Protests to Power: Register your Group

The BOOT Party welcomes you and is Open to Collaborate with ALL Youth Movement Groups; Regional Groups, Trade Union Groups, Professional Groups, Students and Affiliated Group to give you a voice at the top of leadership in Nigeria, contest in public elections, and help galvanize right leaders into position of power.

Register your Group to explore the ONE AND ONLY CREDIBLE, GODFATHER-FREE, TECHNOLOGY AND PEOPLE-DRIVEN POLITICAL PARTY PLATFORM set up by the people for the people.

Come Let us reason together.

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We Are The HOPE of Nigeria.

Fiduciary, Obedience and Service.

The BOOT Party is a Cooperative-like party with breath of fresh air, vision and determination to redeem the NIGERIAN DREAMS.

A Nigeria where our original values of Trust, Comfort, Peace, Leadership and Unity are restored.

What We Are?

Let Us Negotiate Meaning

Why compete when we can collaborate?

When we collaborate, we acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of ourselves and that of others thereby working together for a common good.

When we collaborate, we are 'Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress' and Nigeria. Together, we will bring back the Nigerian Dreams.