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Hurray! BOOT Party is Official.

25 Sep, 2019: The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has added a new political party to Nigeria's political space and it is the BOOT Party. Today, certificate of registration was presented to BOOT Party officials present at INEC's Headquarters in Abuja including the National Chairman and National Secretary of BOOT Party.

BOOT Party as a Political Leadership System driven by People And Technology (TAP) says absolute NO to corruption in all forms - to bribe or be bribed is undoing of BOOT values. BOOT Party is set to create an atmosphere of common good and common goal in our national development through BOOT Party's One Working Nigeria (OWN) agenda - BOOT Party Manifesto.

BOOT Party is poised to be The Dealer of Hope for the future generations. And with hope and faith in Almighty God that have kept us on this path through court, that this little effort of BOOT Party faithfuls will make The Nigerian Dream a reality in our lifetime, so help us God.

Thank you.
BOOT Party!
Because Of Our Tomorrow!

BOOT Party Vs INEC: Federal High Court Ruled in Favour of BOOT Party

31 Jan, 2019: The Federal High Court, Abuja has ruled that BOOT Party ought to have been registered and ordered INEC to register BOOT Party with immediate effect.
Thank you for your support all the way. We shall be getting more information out soonest on our journey to save our nation.
Thank you
BOOT Party!
Because Of Our Tomorrow!

BOOT Party Vs INEC Case - Again, Federal High Court Postpone Ruling

15 Jan, 2019: Our lawyers received a call this morning from the Registrar of Federal High Court 11, Abuja that the Judge will not be able to deliver our Judgement tomorrow 16 January, 2019 until Monday 28th January 2019. No reason was given other than plea for our understanding.

Well, at this point in our pursue of justice, we can only wait until justice is done.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
BOOT Party!
Because Of Our Tomorrow!

BOOT Party Vs INEC Case - Adjournment of Federal High Court Ruling

10 Jan, 2019: The Federal High Court, Abuja has adjourned its ruling until 16 January, 2016. BOOT Party appeals to members to be patient for the court ruling.

BOOT Party Vs INEC Case - The Federal High Court, Abuja Adjourned for Judgement until 10th January, 2019

14 Dec, 2018: Since August 2018 when INEC decided not to register BOOT Party, which affected BOOT Party's participation in the forthcoming elections, the BOOT Party have been at court to seek redress. BOOT Party took the decision to go to court having met all the statutory requirements for Political Party registration in accordance to the Electoral Act, 2010 (as amended) and the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria. After more than 5 adjournments, the Federal High Court, Abuja adjourned for judgement until 10th January, 2019.

Fingers crossed we hope for favourable judgement and begin the journey of saving our nation.

BOOT PARTY Nigeria - Because of Our Tomorrow! Court Orders INEC To Prepare Its Case And Adjourns For The Third Time

30 Oct, 2018: The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the electoral body that oversees elections in Nigeria has been dragged to court by a newly formed political party, the BOOT Party, for rejecting its application for registration because of INEC's alleged belief that the signatures of some BOOT Party's national executive members are irregular. BOOT Party took the decision to go to court having met all the statutory requirements for Political Party registration in accordance to the Electoral Act, 2010 (as amended) and the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria. According to BOOT Party members, they want justice, having met all the legal requirements for a political registration, mobilized members across the federation, paid the mandatory One Million to INEC for party registration, established a plush office at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, as well as met the conditions for the required numbers of delegates across Nigeria, and expend human and material resources, together with time and energy. That INEC have verified all the statutory or conditions stated in both the Constitution and the Electoral Act,2010 (as amended) for party registration as met and provided by BOOT Party but yet refuse to register BOOT Party. It is the position of BOOT Party members that they do not want to disconnect themselves from what is their right under the law or accept the compromise of after 2019 registration offered by INEC. We chose the court, not because its easy or cheap, but because of our tomorrow and the BOOT Party values.

That BOOT Party boasts of being a party of fresh and viable ideas and fresh faces brimming with energy, intellect and passion to completely break from the old ways of doing politics to build a better tomorrow for all Nigerians. The party (BOOT PARTY) wants a chance to contest in the upcoming general elections in 2019. It therefore filed a suit on the 4th day of September, 2018 at the Abuja Federal High Court immediately BOOT Party's name was not included in the newly registered 23 political parties but the Federal High Court was on vacation during the period and efforts to hear the suite with vacation judge was unsuccessful.

Things took an unusual turn at the first hearing which took place on 16 October, 2018 when INEC representatives and lawyers showed up in court totally unprepared and proceeded to play the adjournment card, thinking it was going to be business as usual. They solicited and begged the court for more time to prepare their defence, stating that prayers are many in the plaintiffs'/applicants' case (whatever that means!). The Judge seemed reluctant to adjourn the case, as BOOT Party's lawyers pressed that the court should enter judgement against INEC because INEC's apparent play for time was to frustrate and delay the proceedings and preclude BOOT Party from registering in time for 2019.

The Judge reprimanded INEC for coming to court unprepared and without filing a reply to BOOT Party suit, and for not filing a memorandum of appearance, considering the amount of time it had to prepare and the urgency of the case and that "the BOOT party came to court so that they can be registered for 2019 election." The Judge eventually adjourned the case to the 24th of October 2018, giving INEC the benefit of doubt and opportunity for fair hearing.

On the 24th of October 2018, at the second hearing, INEC lawyers simply failed to turn up or file any process still. The Judge issued a court order for a hearing notice to be served on INEC, and adjourned to 29th October, 2018 and for INEC to be legally represented in court on the said date, therefore giving INEC another ample time and grace to enter appearance and conduct its defence. It will appear that INEC strategy to unduly delay the case for long adjournments may have failed, giving the general belief by people that, the Nigerian judiciary system is marred by endemic delays which denies a lot of Nigerians justice.

The BOOT Party were relieved by the Judge's decisions to adjourn the case within short days (so far maximum of 5 working days) and BOOT Party were encouraged by the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court directive, during the occasion of the commencement of the Federal High Court's 2018/2019 legal year, that all 2019 election related cases should be decided by the end of the October,2018. This means that all things being equal, this case should be decided by the end of the month as many Nigerians are waiting with high and good hopes for the court's decision.

However, at the third court hearing of 29th October, 2018, the Judge adjourned the case again until 31st October, 2018 because INEC did not again make appearance at the court even when they were properly served another hearing notice as directed by the court.

As a show of support for democracy, and justice, interested members of the public will be thronging Court 11 at the Federal High Court, Abuja on Wednesday 31st October, 2018 by 9am.

Because of Our Tomorrow!

Become a BOOT Local Representative

28 Feb, 2018: The BOOT Party's constitution stated that there shall be BOOT Local Representative for each of all the local government areas of Nigeria. Local Representatives in each state shall serve in the BOOT State executive.

BOOT Local Representative, or BOOT Rep, is responsible for the mobilisation and coordination of all Party activities at the local government level. He/she shall support the implementation of Leadership Elevation & Adjustment Program (LEAP) at the local government level.

The main priority is to ensure that BOOT members are happy with their membership of BOOT and that everything runs as smoothly as possible for them. As the local public face of the BOOT party, the rep must create an excellent first impression and continue to provide outstanding support to BOOT members.

The role involves holding local BOOT meetings as stated in BOOT Constitution; handling and escalating complaints and resolving problems as they arise.

Local representative's duties may vary according to the local environment but will typically include some or all of the following:

* organising and hosting welcome meetings for BOOT members;
* drive membership recruitment to BOOT party;
* responding to local BOOT queries;
* dealing with unforeseen 'non-BOOT' problems;
* resolving any conflict with or between members;
* establishing and maintaining relationships with local BOOT members;
* maintaining an in-depth knowledge of the BOOT party and the local area in order to answer members' questions;
* organising local BOOT activities and ensuring members are in a safe environment;
* checking meeting venue standards and safety procedures;
* completing risk assessments and health and safety checks;
* keeping basic accounts and records and writing reports;
* assisting in the support and training of new local representatives.

* This is more of a volunteering role than a salaried or wage paying one. However, the BOOT party will be responsible for all expenses reasonably incurred in line with the Party's Financial Guidelines and Constitution; and
* In the event that a Local Rep wants to contest for any elective positions at the Federal, State, Local Government level, the Local Rep would have fulfilled the leadership criteria of the BOOT-LEAP requirements based on his/her experience as a Local Rep.

What to expect

* The local representative role will be demanding considering that you will have to combine this role with your normal day to day routine. Members often have very high expectations and BOOT reps have to deal with the issues when these are not being met;
* Representatives have to get used to relating with members from a different culture, but it can provide the opportunity to learn different culture;
* Local Representative can be confidence-building and provide opportunity to serve our people;
* The role is not office-based but increasingly there is more admin involved;
You may also have membership targets to meet; and
* Local representatives are required to dress moderately.
Appearances must always be smart.

BOOT Local Representative role does not usually require a degree, HND or any specific qualifications but relevant leadership skills and personal qualities are more important:
Local representative shall be BOOT full member and should have attained at least the BOOT Leadership Elevation & Adjustment Program (LEAP) Collaborate stage.

Local Representative should have experience of leading and organisation of a group, community or association.

Although it is not required, a degree/HND may be useful to the role of Local Representative.

A good language and communication skill will be an advantage as the BOOT Local Rep will often act as a link between the local community and the BOOT party.

You will need to show evidence of the following:

* communication skills (both oral and written);
* presenting, listening and negotiation skills;
* a commitment to high levels of standard;
* team working ability and leadership skills;
* planning and organisational skills;
* common sense;
* a friendly and approachable manner;
* problem-solving ability;
* a hands-on and proactive approach.

Training shall be provided where necessary.

How to Apply?
Complete BOOT Volunteer Form from this link Apply NOW!

The BOOT Movement Explained video is now on our YouTube channel.

10 Feb, 2018: Following feedback from The BOOT Introduction Video the BOOT Explained was created to explain what BOOT is all about. Among many questions are who are behind BOOT. Put simply, The BOOT is Political Cooperative where once you join, you share same right will all existing members. BOOT is One person, one vote. No god-father in the BOOT. You can rise to the BOOT Council through your active participation in our activities by giving your talent and time.

BOOT Movement Launches its first video, The BOOT Movement Introduction

06 Feb, 2018: Words of encouragements and calls have been coming in from all walks of life including non-Nigerian Africans who are ecstatic with the work of the movement. While thanking everyone for their encouragement we would like to remind all that they should register and join the BOOT movement. The BOOT movement, as Policy Driven Political Organisation (PoDPO) needs everyone to act. Please get involved! Register free on our App and website and spread the BOOT message by encouraging others to register too. Our dreams of Nigeria can only be if we all come together, take action and shape our future collectively.

BOOT Party Vs INEC Case – Adjournment of Federal High Court Ruling

10 Jan, 2019: The Federal High Court, Abuja has further adjourned its ruling until 16 January, 2016. BOOT Party appeals to members to be patient for the court ruling.