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Why The BOOT Party DID NOT and SHALL Not Nominate Polling Agents for Anambra and Other Elections

02 November, 2021

BOOT Party believes that INEC is responsible for ensuring that ballots are cast, counted and accounted for whether or not Polling Agents are present. We believe INEC is up to the task and we are more convinced that room for manipulation of results in transit has been narrowed or eliminated by the newly enacted law approving Electronic Transmission of Results by INEC.

Make Voting Compulsory by Law in Nigeria

21 October, 2021

Study: 85% of respondents including Nigerians at home and in diaspora, agreed for voting to be made compulsory by law and that they will vote if voting is made compulsory by law.

Low Voters Turn-out: An Enabler for Electoral Fraud in Nigeria:: Report and Recommendations - Summary

12 June, 2021

Electoral fraudsters rigged the outcome of elections by illegally thumb-printing the ballot papers for registered voters that did not show up at the polling unit (i.e. ghost voters) on the days of elections...DO NOT register to vote if you will not vote during elections. #NoGhostVoter

2021 Anambra State Governorship Election, Saturday 06 November - Executive Dispensation for BOOT Party Participation: Order 2021/001

09 June, 2021

Submit Expression of Interest Application on e-Voting primary election by BOOT Party members via BOOT Party e-Voting App ends automatically on 30 June, 2021, 01:59:59 PM (Nigerian Time). Members of the public will be able to monitor primary election progress online real time (live) on BOOT Party website. #BOOTAnambra2021

AKWA IBOM State BOOT Party Congress - 01 - 06 May 2021: e-Voting Highlight

06 May, 2021

When you are the first e-Voters in Nigerian political history you are already contributing towards achieving BOOT Party OWN (One Working Nigeria) Agenda - to develop Nigeria by Nigerians. Over 600 ballots cast in 11 executive positions. End2End secure encrypted voting. All votes secured and digitally signed for future generations...

BOOT Party - What is New in 2021

01 January, 2021

From 1st January 2021, NO membership fee is required to become a member of BOOT Party, all prospective or intending members are ONLY required to register on BOOT Party website/mobile app and submit a means of identification... Download What is New mp4.

2021 New Year Message: ENDSARS, Restructuring and other Matters - A BOOT Party Perspective

30 December, 2020

In the year in which the coronavirus pandemic paused the world, Nigerians were being killed in the Northern Nigeria by terrorists and Nigerian youths across capitals and cities engaged fully in the agitation and fight for social justice code-named - #EndSARS.


11 November, 2020

1. Identify your Ward... 2. Make the Choice of Political Party... . . . 9. Build character and good name... 10. If you must contest, start small... We BOOT Party - we encourage you to get involved Because Of Our Tomorrow

EndSARS: Violence Against Peaceful and Unarmed Protesters across Nigeria - An Appeal for Calm

21 October, 2020

The BOOT Party strongly condemns the recent spate of killings of protesters by the Nigerian Police and other security agencies particularly the Nigerian Army across Nigeria. Clearly, the government missed the opportunity of dialogue with the protesters by not quickly turning their demands into Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound action plan in order to permanently address the impending conflagration and enduring civil disobedience. BOOT Party appeals for calm from both the government and protesters.


13 October, 2020

*BOOT PARTY PROPOSAL:* First and foremost, and as the government has rightly acted, SARS should and has been proscribed. We know that, government officials have only proscribed this organization in name only. In due course and within the next couple of days, another similar team would be set up by the Police top hierarchy because corruption and brutality is in the DNA of the Police hierarchy. BOOT Party recommends the following decisive, less complex and cost-effective measure that can be implemented within the next 30 to 60 days...

Nigeria at 60: Abject Failure of Governance - A case to join BOOT Party for participative politics

23 September, 2020

Many Nigerians still just dont care about political ideology. INEC data showed that only 25 percent of registered voters participated in the Edo election of whom 99 percent cast their vote for APC and PDP and the candidate with most collective attitudes of the public towards the issue of the day won the election. PDP has used scattered broom to sweep away APC in Edo, I say; be careful what you wish for. PDP may look shiny, but they are one of the dinosaurs, APC is their branch in disguise. An individual may win an election of public opinion but a political team creates ideology...

STOP APC and PDP; STOP Corruption and 'Politicians Laundering'

10 September, 2020

There is no understating the turmoil and devastation that recurring PDP and APC led governments have brought to our country. This is a revolving door. Today we launched our first general poster to kick start BOOT Party publicity across the country. While you will be seeing this poster on social media, I encourage you to print and paste some in your locality to raise awareness of BOOT Party and its vision for Nigeria and our tomorrow...

Why BOOT Party Would NOT Participate in the Upcoming Elections

24 July, 2020

The BOOT Party shall be participating in future elections where and when we have clear understanding and belief that our structures are solid enough to withstand and vehemently challenge and win elections at various levels of government...


23 July, 2020

The BOOT Party has not authorised anyone including its National, State, Local Government and Ward Executives to join or be involved with any Political Group or pseudo-group including Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC)...


01 June, 2020

A Ward in formation with AWS status can now gain Full Ward Status with at least five (5) registered members whose membership have been confirmed in the BOOT Party members' national database.


19 May, 2020

This Order relates specifically to only the State and Local Government Elections scheduled for 2020. In order to fulfil BOOT Party's 'Not Too Poor To Run' promise as enshrined in Article 10 of the BOOT Party's Constitution...


26 March, 2020

As our part-time leaders are gradually coming to terms with COVID-19 pandemic, we thank our health workers who are putting their lives at risk to safeguard the health and welfare of Nigerians. We demand that all levels of governments be responsible...


25 March, 2020

This is to warn the general public that it has come to our attention that various persons have been going around defrauding and fleecing innocent and

Re: INEC - Political Parties Deregistration

07 February, 2020

Since BOOT PARTY was registered by INEC following our court victory after a long and tortous legal battle to assert transparency and zero-corruption which are our core values

Still on 'Amotekun'...

31 January, 2020

Truth be told, wealthy Nigerians including some government officials have always resorted to self-help when it comes to their personal security.

On Imo; but First Let's Fix INEC

20 January, 2020

BOOT Party New Year Message - 2020

01 January, 2020

We cannot even shorten 2020 to 20 as we did in the last two decades, else someone may add another number to it and take us back to the last decades