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...Because Of Our Tomorrow

BOOT Party New Year Message - 2020

Updated on : Wednesday, 01 January, 2020
Released on: Wednesday, 01 January, 2020

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Dear Elders, Sisters and Brothers,

It is 2020. It is a New Year. It is a new decade. Here are some of the things we cannot do again:

* We cannot go back to 2019;

* We cannot even shorten 2020 to 20 as we did in the last two decades, else someone may add another number to it and take us back to the last decades;

* We cannot be indifferent to what is happening in our country because NIGERIA matters to all of us; but

* You can join hands together and be part of the leadership system that is poised to do only one thing - develop NIGERIA and it's people;

* You can Be BOOT Because NIGERIA Matters To You. Join Us.

I cannot believe that it is over three years since we started...One major milestone for us at BOOT Party in 2019 was the registration of our party after a long protracted legal battle with INEC due to us standing up for our values.

Since, we have not rested, the BOOT PARTY leaders have been working hard to create BOOT PARTY structures, policies and guidelines that will achieve the BOOT Party's goal of developing Nigeria and its people.

One of these policies is the BOOT Party Political Leadership System Structure, a transparent BOTTOM-UP democratic leadership on-boarding process. A tool for you to serve our country and our people without the need of godfather or money. The BOOT Party is a leadership system.

On behalf of all BOOT Party leaders I will like to say a big thank you to our donors, supporters and members for what we have achieved together in 2019.

My personal thank you to our visioners, who are working day and night contributing their hard-earned money and time to create BOOT Party.

2020 is the best time to join BOOT PARTY so that you can help to shape and strengthen our structure from your experience. In addition, you can help and be part of:

* BOOT Party Open Day in the 1st Quarter of 2020 (Nigeria and UK);

* BOOT Party National Convention in the 2nd Quarter of 2020; and

* Preparation for the upcoming Wards and Local Government Elections in the 3rd to 4th Quarter of 2020.

Together, we can achieve the Nigeria of our dreams by creating tomorrow's leaders today.

Happy New Year!

Sunday Adenuga
BOOT Party National Chairman
BOOT Party!
Because Of Our Tomorrow
The BOOT Party is a cooperative-like political leadership system.

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