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Why BOOT Party Would NOT Participate in the Upcoming Elections

Updated on : Friday, 24 July, 2020
Released on: Friday, 24 July, 2020

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The BOOT Party shall be participating in future elections where and when we have clear understanding and belief that our structures are solid enough to withstand and vehemently challenge and win elections at various levels of government.

INEC, BOOT Party members, supporters and political analysts have continued to inquire why BOOT Party opted out of some impending elections. The answers to this are as follows:

1. BOOT Party is the newest political party registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The Party was issued its registration certificate on August 29, 2019, barely one year ago.

2. We are not unaware of the relevant sections of the enabling electoral laws which state that political parties should contest elections, but we will like to remind INEC and the Public that these sections of the laws DID NOT say that political parties MUST present candidates to contest ALL elections. The fact that GSM operators were granted licences to operate in Nigeria, did not mean they must provide services immediately upon being granted licence or operational all over the country on the same day.

3. BOOT Party's Public Election Participation Policy, requires that the BOOT Party should ONLY participate in Public Elections in the constituencies where we have established BOOT Party structure so as to safe INEC and Nigeria money from INEC conducting unnecessary primaries and producing ballot papers that are not needed.

4. BOOT Party is a totally new concept in politicking in Nigeria and by extension, Africa. It is a people, policies, procedures, grassroot and technology driven contraption. It is organised like a co-operative society. It is referred to as a co-operative-like political party where all members have equal opportunities to contribute and grow with no godfatherism or money-bag influence. It is party where you can become anything you aspire to.
Our mantra is: NOT TOO POOR TO RUN. As a result, the Party's structure is designed as Bottom-Up which implies that the foundation is the Wards. As at present, all the resources of the Party are dedicated to develop the Wards. At this point in time, solid Wards with verifiable members who have paid subscriptions before admission to the Party, have been established in Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Katsina, Oyo and numerous other States across the country.

5. Because, the BOOT Party is tasked and engrossed in building its structure at the grassroot level, it is believed the Party does not have structures solid enough at the States and the National level to challenge the behemoth called APC and PDP in the elections that are imminent.

6. BOOT Party does not want to be one of those political parties that present candidates for elections that are bound to be lost OR to present candidates who will be compromised and end up subjugating their ambitions by withdrawing at the last minute and endorsing candidates of other Political Parties.
BOOT Party WILL NOT and SHALL NOT present candidates for elections that we do not have decent chance of winning and so is the case under the present political environment.

7. The BOOT, as an economically frugal Party does not want the meagre resources of the country to be frittered away by INEC in overseeing primary party elections that the results are already known in advance. By not participating in the oncoming elections, BOOT Party is helping INEC, and by extension, Nigeria and Nigerians to save money that would have been wasted in supervising our party primaries which we know will bear no fruits.

You can access Wards, LGAs and States structures that are being formed across Nigeria via this BOOT Leaders' web-link

For further information about BOOT Party Constitution, Policies, Procedures, Manifestoes, etc, visit our website: or download our APP from Google PlayStore.

Office of the BOOT Party National Chairman

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The BOOT Party is a cooperative-like political leadership system.

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