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Nigeria at 60: Abject Failure of Governance - A case to join BOOT Party for participative politics

Updated on : Wednesday, 23 September, 2020
Released on: Wednesday, 23 September, 2020

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Commentators say Obaseki defeated "godfatherism" in Edo politics but judging by numbers, most Edolites and by extension many Nigerians still just don't care about political ideology. INEC data showed that only 25% of registered voters participated in the Edo election of whom 99% cast their vote for APC and PDP and the candidate with most collective attitudes of the public towards the issue of the day won the election. PDP has used scattered broom to sweep away APC in Edo, I say: be careful what you wish for. PDP may look shiny, but they are one of the dinosaurs, APC is their branch in disguise.

Surprisingly, "political Nigerians" express similar ideological views and frustrations on social, economic and political issues of the day but sadly, these views have not often been demonstrated during elections to vote in or out political parties or their candidates - APC and PDP - that have collectively made Nigerians poorer in the last two decades. For example, 14 candidates contested in the Edo elections and the opportunity presented by the uproar around "politicians laundering" between twin and partners in crime APC and PDP, should have resulted in people voting out these Siamese twin. But then, which other party or parties present(s) formidable alternative? Which parties can challenge these behemoths? Nigerians are quick to ask questions and proffer answers without taking action. Neither do these two parties have any organisation or structure but only feeding fat on the resources that belong to the people to buoy and protect their captured territories. Make no mistake, you cannot put a jump-leads on a dinosaur. The two popular parties are not fit for purpose, they are merchants in chaos and godfathers of political chaos, they are dysfunctional and obsolete.

Among other unwritten responsibilities, a political party should serve as a political godfather for all; a political party should be fair to all and ensure that the best among their members should be presented for elections. Unfortunately, the two political dinosaurs in Nigeria are not structured for the best to emerge, they are structured for personal gains hence, they make sure they are the players who dictate the tone of piper.

By any standard, 25 percent turnout in a governorship election is low because many Nigerians know the role a governor and those of other public executive positions in the society. Is this a clear message that established parties are not the choice of many hence the low turnout? Contrarily, 99 percent of the voters cast their vote for APC and PDP in Edo election. A research maybe best to know the minds of the public.

Often, I have heard some voters said "I vote the candidate and not the party". If this becomes the norm, then it is game up for Nigerian development in our lifetime. Political success is a team effort and no nation can be successful without getting its politics right. "Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships," as Michael Jordan put it. An individual may win an election of public opinion but a political team creates ideology. The real question is whether the young political parties can salvage Nigeria. The answer is yes-if they stick to their ideology and remain focused just as BOOT Party did not participate in the Edo election because none of the candidates interviewed demonstrated capability to deliver on BOOT Party's goal of developing Nigeria and Nigerians. Personally, it was one of the most difficult decisions I have made since being in politics.

Political parties set themselves on the path of failure when they begin to drift from their goals and not re-iterating their values. The BOOT Party is ultra-transparent and listens to ordinary Nigerians and treat everyone with love and patience under the BOOT Party 3XL framework - Listening, Learning and Leading, in that order.

BOOT Party's ideological distinctiveness should not be dismissed as arrogant or single minded, but as the foundation on which the BOOT Party will be built into a real political home for the development of Nigeria and Nigerians.

BOOT Party is a totally new concept in politicking in Nigeria and by extension, Africa. It is a people, policies, procedures, grassroots and technology driven contraption. The entire BOOT Party processes including primary elections are computerised, 100% paperless and women participate in all our meetings from the comfort of their homes. It is organised like a co-operative society. It is referred to as a co-operative-like political party where all members have equal opportunities to contribute and grow with no "godfatherism" or money-bag influence. It is a party where you can become anything you aspire to. Our mantra is: NOT TOO POOR TO RUN. As a result, the Party's structure is designed as Bottom-Up which implies that the foundation is the Wards.

The BOOT Party is organised and structured to attract the remaining 75 percent of voters who won't vote APC or PDP. Please visit and join the BOOT Party for the service of Nigeria. We are BOOT Party - we encourage you to get involved "Because Of Our Tomorrow".

As we wish Nigeria all the best on its 60th birthday our hope is that the next 60 years will be better than before. We pray for our youth to have courage to challenge for a better future, and for our elders the grace of shame and the truth to know.

Thank you and God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Sonny Adenuga @SonnyAdenuga
BOOT Party National Chairman
BOOT Party! @TheBOOTParty
Because Of Our Tomorrow
The BOOT Party is a cooperative-like political leadership system.

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